How to Write a Cover Letter for a Remote Position?

This is why it is important to read the job listing again and again. It will give you hints about the remote work skillset and role you cover letter for remote position will be applying for. Cover letter examples are a dime a dozen and it’s easy to google a template that will help you get started.

cover letter template for remote position

Out of all of the frustrating tasks involved with job searching, pulling together a cover letter is usually the one that inspires the most dread. Remote work has never been more accessible but many people aren’t prepared for the challenges that come with being a remote worker. If you’ve read this far there’s a good chance that you’re looking to find a remote job. My name is Jian Yang and I’m applying for a software engineering position at Hooli. I’m really excited about Hooli’s mission to change the world and I’m passionate about your tech stack that includes Python, Java, React, and Scala. Proofread your cover letter before you send in your application.


It’s also a good chance to showcase your personality and passion for the company. Remote jobs get a ton of applicants, but writing a great cover letter is an easy way to stand out to potential employers. There’s no one way to write a cover letter for a remote job, but starting with a template can be a helpful springboard.

cover letter template for remote position

For example, one of my favorite remote-friendly companies is Buffer. This social media automation company regularly hires telecommuters for various roles. I work with a lot of job seekers who simply cannot stand writing a cover letter. There’s worry whether they’re writing it too formal or perhaps too casual. The introduction is crucial to a good cover letter for a remote position, as it can make or break the deal for you. Therefore, you must craft a beginning paragraph that’s compelling enough to hook the attention of the hiring manager till the end.

Address the hiring manager by name

Be authentic and highlight your skills in a way that makes you shine. Reference the name of the position and triple check every word. When you’ve proofread the final document, send yourself an email copy. This allows you to do a final check on formatting and links.

Whether I was dealing with current customers or prospective ones, my end goal was to use my product knowledge to educate and inform users until we reached a happy outcome. Sometimes this would require a little more digging or taking the road less traveled, but the extra effort was worth it when the end result was a customer well served. Moreover, by doing so, you can better emphasize why you are a good fit for the job description over thousands of other submitted cover letters. Do not waste time on personal reasons for choosing a freelance job, like the possibility of spending time with your family, or paying attention to your hobbies. Such information does not demonstrate your value as a specialist, much less encourage a recruiter to move ahead to examine your resume.

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